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Between seven thousand and nine thousand patients die each year due to preventable prescription medication errors, according to the National Institute of Health.

These errors can be prevented if manufacturers, distributors, and medical providers ensure there are appropriate safety systems in place. There are several points during the medication process for errors to occur. For example: the wrong medication may be prescribed; a typographical error when transcribing a prescription could lead to a catastrophic or fatal dosage; a pharmacist may dispense the wrong medication altogether; a registered nurse or physician may administer the incorrect type of medication or dose; or there may be a failure to monitor the effects of a medication on a patient.

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Pennsylvania has the fourth highest tractor-trailer crash rate in the whole country, resulting in more than 200 deaths annually. Furthermore, each year, large trucks drive approximately 280 billion miles on U.S. roads. Another staggering number is that more than 15 million trucks transport goods across the United States. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA), which is responsible for regulating the trucking industry, estimates that over 400,000 traffic crashes each year involve heavy trucks. Tractor trailer crashes are complex and require an experienced attorney.

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We have all experienced heart wrenching loss: loss of a spouse; mom; dad; son; daughter; brother; sister; or, best friend. Sometimes, it’s an unexpected and unnecessary loss, in the cruelest of ways. How do we cope? How can we deal with it? We must, so we find a way to carry on. But, where do we find the strength? Jaime Jackson talks about dealing with tragedy due to wrongful death.

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Screening car wreck cases for products liability case may show that the vehicle was defective. If you are working with an experienced personal injury lawyer, specific characteristics of the crash may mean that you have a crashworthiness case. Take the following examples:

An uncle and nephew were driving to the mall when they were hit head-on by a vehicle coming the opposite direction. The nephew, who was in the rear seat, was paralyzed.

A tractor trailer rear ended a family driving to see her grandmother. When the vehicle burst into flames on impact, everyone was killed.

In each of these cases, the families’ lawyers knew that screening car wreck cases for products liability issues. may show vehicle defects. As a result, the primary defendant manufacturer was identified.

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