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Advances in crash avoidance technology (CAT) means that motor vehicles are now safer than ever before. As a result of engineering techniques, new technologies, and the ability to analyze crash data, manufacturers can now build safer vehicles. While Jaime Jackson Law advocates that safety should never be an option, crash avoidance technology advances mean consumers can choose the safety features they feel best keep them safe on the road. A drawback, however, are CAT repair costs. But, what price are we willing to put on safety?

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Attorneys involved in auto products liability cases will have also, most likely, investigated crash avoidance technology (CAT) issues. Investigating a CAT case and then pursuing it requires special knowledge, attention, and experience. This is particularly important because the foundation of a winning case begins with a thorough investigation into the viability of the potential claim. Further, CAT cases in themselves have many unique aspects.

This article is intended to help walk auto products liability attorneys through the process of investigating a CAT case.

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