Inside the Jaime Jackson Law Learner-Centered Approach.

Written by Nneoma Ibe

For ten weeks, I was fortunate enough to be under the tutelage of the Jaime Jackson Law Firm and its learner-centered approach. I knew I was interested in Products Liability litigation prior to starting the internship, but I was nervous: would I be the candidate the firm was expecting? Would I meet up to the firm members’ expectations ?

At the Jaime Jackson Law Firm, you have to be an efficient manager of your own time. And, the first week of the internship, it quickly became apparent to me that this was something I still needed to work on.

Key projects and experiences

After a meeting with Emma Parnham, the firm’s Chief Operations Officer, I realized that this was a firm dedicated to giving enough room to make mistakes, while also guiding individuals towards proper solutions to problems. I was given assignments which naturally equipped me to tackle the bigger assignments that would come down the line. I drafted a timeline for a spoliation issue in a trucking case and I also drafted interrogatories and edited motions. Not only did this show me what these documents were supposed to look like, but also showed me that I could do it myself when the time came.

By the time I came to work on my biggest project, I had all the tools I needed. Admittedly, my first attempt was not great and needed a lot of revision. I discussed the draft with Jaime and Emma, who gave me very helpful notes. After sitting with the record a couple more times, I was able to deliver a much stronger final project.

To sum it all up

My time at Jaime Jackson Law Firm went by so quickly. Although I had a few trials and error, I was helped back up every time. Through the learner-centered approach the firm employs, I was able to work hard and learn the most I have ever learned from any internship position I have held. The firm is extremely efficient because the members are efficient; they trust and respect each other, and they work hard. This attitude definitely rubs off.

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