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In frontal impact collisions, seatbelts and airbags are intended to protect us from serious injury. In addition, in rear impacts, it is the seatback that serves as the restraint system. The seatback and head rest are intended to hold the head and torso in place when a vehicle is struck from behind. However, seatback failures occur all too commonly in rear impact collisions, often resulting in catastrophic injuries to the occupant as well as anyone sitting in the seat behind.

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Screening car wreck cases for products liability case may show that the vehicle was defective. If you are working with an experienced personal injury lawyer, specific characteristics of the crash may mean that you have a crashworthiness case. Take the following examples:

An uncle and nephew were driving to the mall when they were hit head-on by a vehicle coming the opposite direction. The nephew, who was in the rear seat, was paralyzed.

A tractor trailer rear ended a family driving to see her grandmother. When the vehicle burst into flames on impact, everyone was killed.

In each of these cases, the families’ lawyers knew that screening car wreck cases for products liability issues. may show vehicle defects. As a result, the primary defendant manufacturer was identified.

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Many new cars today come with safety features as standard. However, there are also many cars where additional safety features are optional add-ons at the buyer’s expense. Jaime Jackson Law advocates that safety should not be an option. If technology exists that would make our roads and all of us safer, that technology should be included. This article helps drivers understand key terms relating to new car safety features to consider when buying a car. In addition, helpful online resources have been included so drivers can carry out further research.

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