Reflections from an Intern.

Jaime Jackson Law is committed to supporting diversity, equality, and inclusion in the legal profession. As part of this commitment, each summer, the firm offers a paid internship to a student who comes from a traditionally underrepresented background. The initiative for this program derives from a lack of diversity among lawyers who specialize in representing plaintiffs in product liability litigation

Below, Edowaye Idahor reflects on her ten week internship with Jaime Jackson Law team before heading into her second year of law at Wake Forest, NC.

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By Edowaye Idahor

I chose to start my legal career with Jaime Jackson Law because I could see the passion Jaime Jackson and Emma Parnham had for the work they did, and the care they put into working each case they took on.

I was interested in Personal Injury/Products Liability and was excited at the prospect of gaining some insight into this type of law. I was not expecting a lot of focus on me; I figured they would send me assignments and I would just do them, especially considering the work was fully remote. Instead, I could tell they were fully invested in making sure I understood the cases they were working on. Emma Parnham went through depositions with me when she thought some of it might have gone over my head, they gave me assignments that would actually further the cases they currently have as opposed to typical intern “busywork”, and they both offered meaningful feedback that I could grow from.

They were very understanding of any mistakes I made and focused on helping me develop my research and writing skills further. I was able to get a front row seat to plaintiff’s side litigation. I saw them work through their legal arguments in real time. Working at a fully remote firm meant I had to manage my time efficiently on my own, but I was never “alone”, and could always call on either of them when I needed to. I was able to learn more from this internship than I ever thought I would.

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