Settlement in Runaway Tractor Trailer Case.

Jaime Jackson was part of a litigation team that recently settled a case involving a runaway tractor trailer.

A tractor trailer driver had just driven by a rest stop. He pulled his tractor trailer into the breakdown lane on the interstate to use the truck’s bathroom facility in the rear cab. The tractor trailer unit was stopped on an incline. The truck driver did not set the truck’s emergency brake. The tractor trailer began to roll backwards uncontrolled, blocking the right travel lane on the interstate.

How our client was injured

Our client was driving his vehicle at the speed limit in the right-hand lane. There was another passenger car next to his vehicle in the left lane. Our client unexpectedly came upon the runaway tractor trailer blocking the travel lane and tried to take evasive maneuvers. However, our client was unable to avoid the runaway truck blocking the lane. As a result, our client collided into the truck. He sustained extensive leg, arm, and shoulder injuries. The shoulder injury resulted in the necessity of a shoulder replacement. Our client was also a truck driver and unable to return to work.

How we developed the case

Our team worked with our clients’ treating physicians to develop the history of our client’s treatment. We also calculated future medical care needs for his injuries. It was determined our client would be unable to return to work due to his injuries, and we worked with an economic expert who could testify about lost earnings.

Before the lawsuit was filed, we worked with the lawyers who represented the trucking company. We provided them with all the information they needed to properly evaluate our client’s damages. A pre-lawsuit mediation was held at which time a confidential settlement was reached.

The benefits of mediation

Often a pre-lawsuit mediation, or a mediation shortly after the lawsuit is filed, can be beneficial to both sides. Settlement can be explored instead of extensive and expensive protracted litigation. Of course, an early settlement is only reached if it is the correct result for the client and in their best interests. When not in our client’s best interest to settle the case, then we are fully prepared to move forward with the case to jury trial.

Working with defense counsel

For 25 years, Jaime Jackson has worked diligently with defense counsel to provide them with the proper information necessary to evaluate a case. Despite being adversaries, we cooperate and explore possibilities of resolution if it is in the best interest of a client. All doors of communication should remain open, and when there continues to be disagreement between the parties about issues or the value of a case, the ultimate resolution lies with a jury at trial.

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