Settlement in failure to equip vehicle with lane keeping system.

Jaime Jackson Law recently settled an automotive products liability case against a vehicle manufacturer for failing to equip the vehicle with a lane keeping system.

We represented the family of a husband and father who was killed as he was driving his motorcycle to work. Another vehicle traveling in the opposite direction drifted out of its lane of travel and crossed over the center line into the motorcycle’s lane. This caused a crash that resulted in the motorcyclist’s death. Had the vehicle which struck the motorcyclist been equipped with a lane keeping safety system, the crash would have been prevented.

Lane keeping safety systems

There are many safety technologies available on vehicles and trucks that can prevent crashes from occurring. Among these safety technologies are lane keeping systems. These safety systems are intended to help keep a vehicle in its proper lane of travel and prevent the vehicle from departing its lane of travel. As a result, collisions can be avoided.

A lane keeping safety system consists of various technologies. These include lane departure warning, lane keeping assist, and/or lane centering assist safety features. Lane departure warning warns the driver of an impending lane departure. In the event of an unintended lane departure, the system assists the driver in redirecting the vehicle to stay within the lane of travel. In addition, lane keeping assist provides steering input to help the vehicle maintain its lane of travel and from departing the lane. Finally, lane centering assist provides automatic steering to continually center the vehicle in its lane.

Safety should not be optional

This tragic death could have been prevented had the vehicle been equipped with a lane keeping safety system. The system would have kept the vehicle in its proper lane of travel. As a result, the vehicle would have been prevented from crossing over the centerline into the opposite lane and striking the motorcycle and killing its driver.

However, in this case, the manufacturer offered the lane keeping safety features as an option on this vehicle rather than making these safety features standard. Our position was that safety is not an option and these critical safety features should be standard equipment.

Testing showed the lane keeping system would have prevented the crash

This case involved extensive work-up. In order to prove the crash could have been prevented with a lane-keeping safety system, we engaged several automotive experts. They performed testing with an identical vehicle that was equipped with lane keeping safety features. The testing was performed at the scene of our crash. The testing confirmed a lane keeping safety system would have kept the vehicle in its proper lane of travel and prevented our crash.

The case settled for a confidential amount following mediation and shortly before trial.

Screen car crash cases for an automotive products liability case

Any case that involves a vehicle or tractor trailer leaving its lane of travel resulting in a collision and catastrophic injuries or death should be carefully screened for a potential failure to equip with a lane keeping safety system automotive products liability case.

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