Auto Products Liability – Crashworthiness

Crashworthiness cases involve the allegation that a vehicle manufacturer did not take precautions to reduce the injuries resulting from a foreseeable crash. The vehicle is defective if it is designed or manufactured in such a way that the injuries the driver or passengers sustained in a crash are greater than the injuries normally expected in that type of crash. An auto products liability lawyer helps those injured or killed from vehicle defects or defective auto parts y holding the vehicle manufacturer accountable. Vehicles and their parts are meant to be designed to protect us, not kill us, or make injuries worse. 

Our client was driving to work and came to a stop at a red-light. Behind him, the driver of a midsize pick-up truck failed to see the red light and drove into the back of our client’s vehicle. Despite wearing his seatbelt and the impact being relatively moderate, our client suffered injuries to his spinal cord, leaving him paralyzed. This was puzzling because the driver of the pick-up truck walked away from the crash uninjured. It was noted that the our client’s seat back had collapsed and failed rearward during the impact. Thus, it was suspected that there was a defect with the driver’s seat back.

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