The Sh!t I Wished I Learned in College.

Jaime Jackson has published his first book—The Sh!t I Wished I Learned in College. Jaime’s book is a myriad of timeless quotes and messages that anyone can delve in and out of, at any time; life lessons handed down from generation to generation with pearls of wisdom to help us all lead our most authentic lives. You can download the book here: The Sh!t I Wished I Learned in College

The Sh!t I Wished I Learned in College by Jaime JacksonWe are all on our own unique journey

In today’s world social media, influencers, and celebrities paint a gilded portrait of what the good life is—which usually involves money, status, and fame. We all work so hard to try and achieve these things that we risk losing sight of our destiny and our passions. Through quotes and Jaime’s reflections, he notes that we are all on our own unique journey—and nobody knows how to get to our destination better than ourselves. Life is short and fleeting. And, if we have loved and lost anyone or anything, then we know how arbitrary, unexpected, and plain shocking life events can be. We live those emotions every day in the work we do helping our clients.

Be true to yourself and your own values

The Sh!t I Wished I Learned in College encourages us to be true to our values. Some of the areas discussed include:

  • Why our uniqueness is something to be celebrated and harnessed when we are trying to work out life’s purpose;
  • Why virtues and values like honesty, acceptance, and embracing the legacy left behind by loved ones are non-negotiable if we wish to live a happy life;
  • The K.I.S.S. approach to working out authentic wants and needs—and how to strike the right balance between success and personal freedom;
  • How to find inner resilience, focus on goals, and keep moving—even when motivation is hard to find;
  • How to live in the present moment. We know that change can be scary, but it can also lead to growth, discovery, and unexpected happiness;
  • Why persistence, the brick-by-brick approach, and keeping an eye on the end game are key to transforming work from boring to extraordinary;
  • Why doing good is a way of acknowledging and celebrating our common humanity;
  • The vital role that nature plays in our physical and mental health and well-being;
  • Important checklists to live by—including the 10 steps to freedom and flat-ass rules that cannot be denied;
  • Witty, inspiring, beautiful words that can raise spirits when feeling down or full of self-doubt;

We are in control of our own destiny

The Sh!t I Wished I Learned in College book reminds us that we are in full control of how we process and deal with challenge and loss. By living by our core values, we can stay positive, keep our eyes on the end-goal, and continue to celebrate the beauty of life, with all its chaos and unpredictability. We must stay true to ourselves because happiness is impossible if we keep trying to live by everyone else’s standards.

If you are interested in reading Jaime’s book, you can buy it online here: The Sh!t I Wished I Learned in College ebook (no Kindle needed to download online).


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