Settlement following failure to treat a child’s small bowel obstruction.

Jaime Jackson recently settled a case against an area hospital involving the death of a child following a small bowel obstruction. The boy had been experiencing stomach discomfort and vomiting for several hours, so his parents brought him to the hospital emergency room. The doctors at the hospital performed a CT scan. Based on the results, they decided to transfer the child to another hospital. The child also arrived through the emergency room at this hospital. However, the CT scans performed at the previous hospital were never communicated onwards from one hospital to the next.

Failure of the physicians to properly treat

The theory in this case alleged that the physicians failed to timely and properly treat the child’s small bowel obstruction. This theory was supported by several experts. In addition, the nursing staff and hospital residents had failed to properly monitor the child.

After being at the hospital for approximately twelve hours, the child went into respiratory distress and cardiac arrest. Tragically, he died a few days later. The cause of death was sepsis, which was brought on by the small bowel obstruction that had gone untreated.

Reaching closure

We know that nothing will ever replace the heart-wrenching loss of a child. With that said, Jaime Jackson’s compassion in the way this case was handled was able to help the parents achieve clarity about what happened to their son. Importantly, the parents could also reach closure by holding the hospital and the physicians accountable.

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