Jury awards $1.3m to customer injured by tire thrown at Goodyear in Harrisburg.

A Federal Jury in the Middle District of Pennsylvania has returned a verdict in favor of our client in the Amidon v. Goodyear Tire & Rubber litigation. The Plaintiff argued that businesses must provide a safe and secure environment for their customers. In addition, it was argued that Goodyear violated that safety rule, causing our client’s traumatic brain injury. The jury agreed, and, as a result, awarded $1.3 million.

Tires thrown from mezzanine

Goodyear had a system in place at its Goodyear Tire & Service Center in Harrisburg which required its workers to throw tires off the second floor mezzanine down to the first floor. Consequently, the tires landed near the area where customers were required to pay their service bill.

The Goodyear manager brought the customer, Mr. Amidon, into the business office to pay his bill. Meanwhile, the Goodyear manager instructed a worker to go to the second floor and throw down four tires needed for another job. The manager also informed the worker not to drop the tire on the sheetrock near the business office door because he did not want the sheetrock damaged.

48-pound tires

The Goodyear worker tossed the 48-pound tires off the balcony to the floor, 14 feet below. While this was happening, inside the business office, the customer paid the bill, and exited the office as instructed by the Goodyear manager.  The Goodyear worker threw another tire off the second floor and the tire landed on the customer.

Jury finds in favor of customer

The jury found the impact from the tire caused several injuries, including: a traumatic brain injury; post-concussion syndrome; post-traumatic stress disorder; neck and back injuries. At trial, Goodyear disputed the nature and extent of the injuries.

The verdict reinforces that businesses like Goodyear must provide a safe and secure environment for their customers. Businesses who deny responsibility for violating safety rules that cause injuries to customers on their premises must be held accountable by juries.

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