Arbitration award in motor vehicle crash.

Jaime Jackson was part of a litigation team that obtained a favorable arbitration award for a client involved in a motor vehicle crash. Arbitration can be less costly and more time efficient than a lawsuit. Yet, decisions reached through arbitration are also binding, just like a verdict in a court case.

Facts of the case

A tow truck driver was in the breakdown lane along the interstate. He had just loaded a disabled vehicle onto the rollback. The tow truck began to move forward in the breakdown lane. Then, it attempted to merge into the right travel lane at a low speed. As the tow truck merged into the travel lane, it pulled out in front of our client’s vehicle. As a result, our client struck the rear of the slow-moving tow truck.

We worked closely with an accident reconstructionist to establish the speed the tow truck was traveling. It was determined the truck was traveling well below 35 miles per hour when it attempted to merge back into the travel lane in front of our client’s vehicle.

Our client’s injuries

Our client sustained a traumatic brain injury resulting in permanent brain damage. As a result of the brain injury, our client requires assistance with all activities of daily living. To fully paint the picture of our client’s damages and care needs at the arbitration, we worked closely with several experts. These included reports from a highly qualified neuropsychologist, physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist, and a certified life care planner. A life care plan of our client’s current and future needs was fully prepared and submitted at the arbitration.

The advantage of arbitration

Arbitration can be a less costly and more time efficient method to resolving a lawsuit. Arbitration is an alternative dispute resolution method where the parties agree to have their case heard by a qualified arbitrator out of court. Decisions reached through arbitration are binding just like a court case.

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